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What is the Highest Paying Job in Germany for 2022?

Have you ever wondered what the highest paying job in Germany is? Well, you’re not alone. Money is one of the factors in deciding what career to pursue. 

Seeking employment in Germany may be one of the things you’re interested in. And, no one will fault you for that because it has one of the highest quality of life in the world. Apart from that, there are many museums, tours, and restaurants that you can visit in your free time. You’re never going to run out of things to do in this country.  

Found below are the five highest paying jobs in the country, according to the Salary Report 2022.

The Highest Paying Job in Germany: Doctor

Doctors have the highest paying jobs in Germany. On average, they earn 92.600 euros a year. However, there are differences across the fields of specialization. Among all of them, surgeons earn the most, with an average salary of 14,200 euros per month. 

As a doctor, you will need a specific set of skills that will allow you to properly diagnose and manage patients. It involves being able to think critically so that you can determine the problem and the appropriate treatment. Building rapport is also important because doctors will interact with patients, hospital staff, and other doctors as well. Meeting patients in their vulnerable state requires doctors to be compassionate and trustworthy. But this does not mean that professionalism is disregarded. There are still boundaries that need to be kept.

For those who want to study the human body and delve deeper into the different organ systems, pursuing a career in medicine could be an option. The additional years in medical school will pay off when you get to see the smile of the patient that you just healed. 

Second Highest Paying Job in Germany: Engineering

If you’re interested in both science and math, then take those skills and apply them to solving real problems in the world. It would involve dealing with products and systems.

Because of the nature of the job, you will also need skills in communication, creativity, attention to detail, and leadership. 

Engineers have the second highest paying job in Germany

There are various types of engineering.These include chemical, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering. But the list does not end there. There are also specific types of engineering, such as aerospace, biomedical, and computer hardware engineering, to name a few. 

Whatever type of engineer you choose to be, you will have the opportunity to earn a yearly average salary of 64.330 euros.

Third Highest Paying Job in Germany: Information Technology (IT) Professionals

If technology is your niche, then you should consider pursuing a career in the information technology industry. Professionals in the IT sector work on the hardware and software of companies. You will need skills in programming, analysis of data, systems and networks, cloud computing, and machine learning. These can help you become competitive in a growing industry. 

Working in the IT sector will provide you with an average salary of 61.670 euros a year.

Fourth Highest Paying Job in Germany: Corporate Consultants

On average, corporate consultants earn 60.670 euros per year. But you may be wondering what exactly it is that they do.

Their expertise in business, built through years of knowledge and experience, makes them sought-after by companies who need advice on solving internal problems, adding more value to their products, promoting their growth, and improving their overall performance. 

Being a corporate consultant entails the ability to think creatively and strategically. It is important to be able to communicate with the client effectively so that you can determine the problem, its causes, and, eventually, the solution to it. Similarly, these ideas will not bear fruit if you can’t get them across to your clients. So, you should be able to present them in a manner that is easy to understand.

Fifth Highest Paying Job in Germany: Human Resource Professionals

Human resource professionals are responsible for all of the employees in a company. From recruitment up until they leave the company, human resource professionals are with the employees every step of the way. 

Apart from that, they also work on the policies of the company so that they will not break any labor laws of the country. At the same time, this ensures that employees remain protected. 

Working in this field requires the ability to build relationships with a diverse group of individuals, from the lowest to the highest positions in the company. They should also be able to listen to the concerns of employees and resolve them fairly and professionally. Additionally, human resource professionals need to maintain a certain level of confidentiality. Individuals in this department have a lot of personal information about the employees. Because of this, they should be trustworthy and not release any information without prior consent.

Apart from the amount of money that you could earn, it is important to take into consideration your interests, skills, strengths, and values when choosing a career. If these factors align with any of the highest paying jobs listed above, then don’t let anything stop you from giving it a try.



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