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Vietnam Tourism Reopens From March 15

On Wednesday, the administration decided to allow Vietnam tourism to resume on March 15 under new normal conditions.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism was requested by Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam to publish a thorough reopening plan that will be implemented across the country.

In addition, the ministry was asked to collaborate with the ministries of health and foreign affairs to develop a policy proposal for visa issuance.

In early March 2020, Vietnam banned inbound tourism and stopped issuing visas to foreigners.

During a cabinet conference held on Tuesday, military, public security, Vietnam tourism, health, foreign affairs, and transportation ministries decided to lift all travel restrictions imposed since the pandemic began in Vietnam in 2020 when the country’s air, land, and sea borders reopened on March 15.

Vietnam Tourism Reopens From March 15
Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam

According to the ministries, the government should reintroduce a unilateral visa exemption policy for 13 countries and a bilateral visa exemption policy for 88 nations and territories prior to the pandemic.

Prior to the pandemic, Vietnam granted visas to 13 nations for a maximum of 15 days, including Russia, Japan, South Korea, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Belarus.

According to the suggestion, foreign travelers traveling in Vietnam do not need to purchase tour packages with certified travel companies as part of the continuing vaccination passport trial program, which began in November of last year.

All travelers above the age of 12 must present a document showing that they have been properly vaccinated or recovered from Covid, as well as a negative quick antigen test result acquired within 24 hours of arrival at their lodging facilities.

At accordance with health ministry practice, international tourists arriving by plane would self-isolate for one day in their hotel or housing facility until they provided a negative Covid test result and continue to monitor their health for 14 days.

When they arrive at the airport, those who are experiencing Covid symptoms will be required to undergo fast Covid testing.

For Covid therapy, which costs roughly $30, international travelers to Vietnam must have medical insurance coverage worth at least $10,000.

In November of last year, Vietnam began allowing international visitors to enter the country under a stringent vaccination passport scheme. As of now, the program has welcomed approximately 9,000 newcomers, half of them are Vietnamese overseas visiting their families.

The only places where foreign visitors can visit are the provinces of Khanh Hoa, Kien Giang, Quang Nam, Quang Ninh, and Binh Dinh, as well as Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang City, which are all included in the programme.

Vietnam Tourism Reopens From March 15

Vietjet Air doubles flight frequency to and from Thailand as Vietnam tourism reopens

Vietjet Air, a low-cost airline, stated on February 15 that beginning March, it will fly six times a week between Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok, Thailand, doubling its existing frequency.

According to a press release issued on February 15, Vietjet Air will begin flying six times each week between Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok, Thailand, beginning in March, more than tripling the present frequency.

In addition to providing more travel alternatives for passengers, the airline’s official said the move seeks to help the two countries’ and region’s commercial and tourist relations revive.

The plan will be carried out by Vietjet Air, which will offer a 50% discount on tickets for flights departing between February 16 and May 31 for flights departing between February 16 and May 31.

Customers of Vietjet Air who travel internationally from HCM City will continue to obtain a free COVID-19 PCR test at the airline’s approved test locations.

Tourists from Vietnam who have been fully vaccinated and have received valid negative test results within 72 hours of their departure can use Thailand’s “Test & Go” program to enter the country without being quarantined.

It started commercial international flights between Hanoi and HCM City on January 1st, with destinations including Tokyo, Taipei, Seoul, Singapore, and Thailand.



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