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Top 3 Private Schools in Kuwait

There are many private schools in Kuwait to choose from, with the country having as many as 591 different institutions. However, parents don’t need to get overwhelmed with all of those options. They can narrow it down to the 3 best private schools in Kuwait. 

A List of the Top 3 Private Schools in Kuwait 

1. Kuwait National English School

Students at Kuwait National English School, one of the top private schools in Kuwait

Kuwait National English School was established in 1991. Over the years, it has become a top-tier private international school in Kuwait. They welcome all children, regardless of their nationality, cultural background, and ability.  

With its motto, “Striving for Excellence,” the school is committed to continuously improving both the teaching and learning experiences of its staff and students. The school not only meets international and British educational standards, but also goes beyond them.

Formation of Students

The school aims to build the personalities of the students, broaden their minds, make them academically intelligent, and prepare them to deal with the different issues in society. Students in the school are members of an international community. They treat each other with respect, despite the differences that they may have.

However, the school prioritizes more than just intellectual and cognitive abilities.They also promote the physical, social, and artistic development of students. By doing so, they can become responsible citizens, not only for themselves but also as members of the broader “Human Family.” 

Primary and secondary after-school enrichment clubs are made available to students in subjects such as math, reading, phonics, business studies, music, and science. Students interested in learning a foreign language can also choose from French, Arabic, Islamic (Quran), and English.

Parents can also decide to enroll their children in any of the Early Years Aftercare Programs. The school offers writing, dance, imaginative or role-play, musical games, board games, and arts and crafts. This will help children learn in an environment different from their classrooms. They will get the chance to meet new friends and learn from various teachers.

Accreditations of the Kuwait National English School

The Kuwait National English School is accredited by many prestigious institutions around the world, making it the most internationally recognized school in the country. 

It is a member of the British Schools in the Middle East (BSME), recognized by the Department for Education of the UK as a British School Overseas (BSO), accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS), and by the North England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). 

The institution is also recognized by the Ministry of Education in Kuwait and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Public Authority for the Disabled. 

Not only that, it is the only British school in Kuwait to become a member of the Associated Schools Project UNESCO

With so many accreditations and recognitions, parents can be assured that the school has passed numerous stringent criteria to become one of the excellent private schools in Kuwait. 

The school also ensures that children are safe and well taken care of inside the institution. Class sizes are also kept small so that each child is attended to. 

Being a non-profit making institution, tuition fees aren’t out of proportion to the value that children receive. They offer early years, primary, secondary, and special needs education. 

One of the international accrediting teams shares that “the care, guidance and support given to students, is a strength of the school. The culture and ethos of the school is supported by appropriate policies and procedures which ensure a safe and caring environment.”

Annual Tuition Fees: KD 1,494 – 4,862

Location: 1 Mousa Bin Nussair Street, Hawally 44273

2. The British School of Kuwait

The British School of Kuwait was established in 1978. It has a “rigorous curriculum, outstanding pastoral care, and an extensive extracurricular programme.”

Students abide by a rigorous approach in the conduct of their academic studies, personal and social development, and activities outside of the traditional curriculum. The same disposition is expected of the teachers at the British School of Kuwait. They pursue excellence in creating their lessons for the day, assessing the submissions of the students, and in their interaction with the parents. Teachers are also given opportunities to grow in their careers. 

Formation of Students

They aim to help students become self-aware and develop a positive relationship with themselves. Being able to believe in their own capabilities allows them to become more open to the opportunities they have at hand. In line with this, students are encouraged to take care of themselves so that their wellbeing is never compromised in their pursuits. 

Students in the British School of Kuwait are also taught to become inquisitive and use their imagination to solve problems. They should be able to collaborate with people of different backgrounds and treat them with respect. Being able to work with others can ensure that they all take part in solving local, regional, and global issues. Apart from gaining knowledge, students should also be able to communicate their thoughts and ideas in an effective manner. 

The school makes sure that all its efforts are geared towards preparing its students for life outside the four walls of the institution. Education at the British School of Kuwait gives students the knowledge, skills, and confidence to thrive in the competitive world that they will encounter after graduation.

Facilities and Technology in The British School of Kuwait

A swimming pool, drama and dance studios, laboratories for science and computers, an art area, a maker space, and a Sixth Form Centre are all available in the British School of Kuwait. With access to these facilities, students can foster and nurture their interests in varied fields. They will be able to explore and figure out what they truly want to dedicate their time and energy to. 

Students are also sure of learning in a comfortable environment within the classroom. These are equipped with interactive whiteboards and a high-quality wireless network. 

The school offers primary and secondary year levels, all of which are under the English National Curriculum.

One of the parents who enrolled their child in the school shares their appreciation for the school: “Thank you and all the staff at BSK for a wonderful twelve and a half years of positive experiences and beautiful life shaping memories our daughter will take with her. There never has been a day in her life where she did not wake up in the mornings, motivated, and happy to be going to school.”

Annual Tuition Fees: available upon request

Location: Salwa, Block 1 Street 1, Building 214 Safat 13130

3. The American United School

The American United School was founded in 1964. Ever since then, it has dedicated itself to being “A Better Choice” for children of different nationalities, whether they may be Kuwaitis or expats. 

Formation of Students

Being a school for children who come from various backgrounds, diversity is embraced and collaboration is promoted. They aim to give students an outstanding American education so that they can become lifelong learners and responsible citizens of the world. 

With the use of modern technology to enhance the learning process, both academic and creative skills are developed in children. Traditional student-centered learning practices, however, have not been completely abandoned. Instead, the American United School incorporates both the use of technology and these practices so that students can succeed academically and socially.

The school makes use of the frameworks of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and National Standards for Social Studies (NSSS), making sure that children receive the best American education in Kuwait. 

They also conduct French, Spanish, and Arabic language classes. 

Assessments are administered through the use of the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP), which is a computerized adaptive test. This was created by the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) to provide students and teachers with an evidence-based, reliable, and valid assessment tool. It can help teachers monitor the progress of each student so that they can adjust their teaching style and provide an individualized approach. Students take these assessments three times every school year. 

In whatever initiatives they take, the school remains guided by the principle that learning does not just occur within the institution. Rather, students can learn in any situation they may be in.

These principles are not just applicable to children. Teachers are also given opportunities to improve their instructional methods and pursue further studies through workshops and education allowances. This allows teachers to advance their careers and, at the same time, become their best selves for the students that they teach. Because of this, parents can be sure that their children are in the hands of someone highly capable and trustworthy.

The school provides children with a caring community of learners who value the uniqueness of each individual, no matter what their personal, cultural, or social circumstances are.


The campus has been designed with the children at the forefront. There are shared breakout spaces, a two-storey library, and four playground areas. Apart from that, students can also access a school cafeteria, multipurpose rooms, music studios, a gym, a jogging track, and two swimming pools. 

If those facilities are not enough, they also have a rooftop sports arena where children can play soccer, basketball, tennis, badminton, and skateboarding. Parents can also watch their children participate in these events because the sports arena even has spectator seating.

They offer elementary school, middle school, and high school programs. 

Annual Tuition Fees: 4,700 – 7,875 KWD

Location: Sabah Al Salem, Block 1, 101 street



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