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Top 10 Things To Do in Germany in 2022

Here is the list of 10 things to do in Germany, the most popular European destination for cultural and city breaks.

Since its reunification, Germany’s reputation as a tourist destination has steadily increased. The number of trips to Germany increased from 34.4 million to 89.9 million between the early 1990s and 2019

In terms of international comparisons, Germany is the most popular European destination for cultural and city breaks, the most popular international trade fair location, the most popular European destination for conferences, the most popular European destination for inbound luxury travel, and the second most popular travel destination for young Europeans, according to the World Travel and Tourism Organization.

The coronavirus pandemic, which began in 2020 and resulted in a ban on foreign travel, had a significant impact on incoming tourism to Germany.

Despite significant losses, Germany was able to increase its share of the European travel market during the coronavirus crisis in 2020, becoming the top European vacation destination. And, as the largest economy in the heart of Europe, Germany is by far the region’s premier business travel destination.

Germany’s 46 UNESCO World Heritage sites contain architectural and artistic treasures, landscapes steeped in history and culture, places of breathtaking natural beauty, and monuments to social and technical development. Visitors visiting Germany may expect to see over 6,000 museums, prominent theaters and orchestras, high-calibre events, and a thriving creative sector.

In fact, more than a third of the country’s land area is protected in some way. There are over 130 preserved national landscapes waiting to be discovered, including 16 national parks, 15 UNESCO biosphere reserves, and over 100 nature parks. Along 200,000 kilometres of designated walking paths and 70,000 kilometres of cycling routes, visitors can get up up and personal with Germany’s natural beauty in a genuine and ecologically responsible way.

Germany has a diverse selection of sustainable travel choices. The 2020 Destination Brand research, for example, emphasizes the expanding importance of this group. Germany’s green towns and cities have great public transportation networks as well as a well-developed bike infrastructure. Hotels and restaurants encourage the use of local ingredients in a vibrant culinary scene that will please everyone who appreciates delicious cuisine. Many sites and services cater to handicapped visitors as part of the ‘Tourism for All’ concept.


1. Treasure Hunt through Hamburg’s HafenCity

Location: Hamburg, Germany

First in the list of top things to do in Germany, this is a one-of-a-kind link between answering riddles and touring HafenCity. A terrific itinerary is designed for you, during which you will explore the top sites in this region while also having to use your brains to advance!

This is an interactive treasure hunt for adults and families with children aged 12 and up in Hamburg’s HafenCity. You will be given your equipment at our meeting spot (backpack with plenty of secret pockets, locks and tools). You begin immediately after, and, like an escape room, you have a limited time (2-3 hours) to return to our headquarters. To discover your path, you’ll have to answer puzzles and riddles placed along the road. We can promise interesting enigmas, amusing facts, and HafenCity’s hidden gems!

Price: $30.35

Duration: 2h 30m

Top 10 Things To Do in Germany in 2022

2. 3-Hour Berlin Highlights Bike Tour

Location: Berlin, Germany

On a half-day bike trip, see a side of Berlin that is generally reserved for locals. You won’t have to worry about being trapped in traffic or finding a parking spot as you ride around the bike-friendly city at a leisurely pace, stopping frequently to benefit from your guide’s insider knowledge. You should not miss this in your list of things to do in Germany.

Price: $33.81

Duration: 3h

Top 10 Things To Do in Germany in 2022

3. Dresden Guided Walking Tour of the Historic Old Town

Location: Dresden, Germany

This is a terrific whistle-stop tour of Dresden Old Town that is ideal for those who are short on time but want to see the city’s most important historic attractions. Make the most of your visit by hiring a guide to provide historical context while you walk around Dresden’s iconic plazas and boulevards. Theater Square, the Royal Palace, and the Zwinger are among the stops. Your list of things to do in Germany will not be complete without this activity.

Price: Unavailable

Duration: 1h 30m

Top 10 Things To Do in Germany in 2022

4. Berlin’s Infamous Third Reich Sites Half-Day Walking Tour

Location: Berlin, Germany

On this 4-hour walking tour on Germany’s Third Reich, learn about the rise of the Nazis and their influence on Germany and the globe. The remains of Anhalter Banhof, where inmates were transported to concentration camps, as well as the old SS and Gestapo headquarters and the Reichstag, will be explored by a historical guide.

Price: $20.23

Duration: 4h

Top 10 Things To Do in Germany in 2022

5. Cold War Walking Tour of Berlin

Location: Berlin, Germany

Berlin is recognized as a crucial city in twentieth-century politics, although its Cold War history is sometimes eclipsed by its participation in World War II. Learn about life in the divided city and familiarize yourself with the important places of Cold War Berlin from a trained guide. Visit major landmarks, such as the Berlin Wall Memorial, while eliminating the headache of map reading and guidebooks and acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the city’s complicated history.

Price: $21.35

Duration: 3h

Top 10 Things To Do in Germany in 2022

6. Discover Berlin Half-Day Walking Tour

Location: Berlin, Germany

On this half-day walking tour of Mitte, you’ll see many of Berlin’s most prominent sites and sights, as well as interesting commentary from your guide. Learn intimate facts about the German city’s many ages, ranging from present times through the Cold War, Nazi, Imperial, and Prussian periods. Checkpoint Charlie, the Holocaust Memorial, the restored Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate, and the Berlin Wall are among the other highlights of this jam-packed guided tour.

Price: $17.01

Duration: 3h 30m

Top 10 Things To Do in Germany in 2022

7. Cologne City Tour: Experience cathedral city on the Rhine

Location: Cologne, Germany

Welcome to your thrilling tour through almost 2000 years of city history, from the birth of the Roman metropolis to modern-day Cologne. Discover not just the visible, but also the more hidden and hence less well-known attractions of the globally recognized Rhine city for tourists to Cologne on this multi-award-winning trip.

“Unknown Details”: Our experience has proven that many tour guests – even and especially Cologne residents – have learned many new, previously unknown, intriguing histories, locations, and details about Cologne during our tours… On this walking tour, you’ll get to know the popular, cosmopolitan cathedral city in a new manner by finding startling and unexpected features that only a few people are aware of.

Price: $29.22

Duration: 3h 30m

Top 10 Things To Do in Germany in 2022

8. PANIK CITY – Udo Lindenbergs Multimedia Experience

Location: Hamburg, Germany

A one-of-a-kind multimedia display and experience for visitors, fans, and those aspiring to be fans. Panik City is a form of entertainment that combines music, technology, and a lot of fun. Please keep in mind that tours are only available in German! This activity will give color to your list of things to do in Germany so don’t miss this.

Price: $22.65

Duration: 2h

Top 10 Things To Do in Germany in 2022

9. Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial Walking Tour

Location: Berlin, Germany

An in-depth guided tour of the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp is available. While seeing the cells, laboratories, infirmary, barracks, and other major sites, your guide will provide insightful commentary on the history of the concentration camp and the Third Reich. As you travel by train together, leave the navigation to your guide and obtain recommendations for the rest of your Berlin visit.

Price: $32.59

Duration: 6h

Top 10 Things To Do in Germany in 2022

10. City and Palaces Tour Potsdam – Stadt- und Schloesserrundfahrt Potsdam

Location: Potsdam, Germany

Potsdam is famed for its gorgeous palaces, lakes, and parks, and this trip is the ideal way to discover them. Take the worry out of navigating the local public transportation system and enjoy a stress-free way to explore Potsdam—a City and Palaces bus trip. This is a relaxing activity among the list of things to do in Germany. Explore prominent palaces such as Sanssouci Palace, Cecilienhof Palace, and New Palace, as well as other Old Town attractions.

Price: $23.08

Duration: 3h

Top 10 Things To Do in Germany in 2022

Germany is also a ready-to-go market for the rising leisure travel category, thanks to its cultural tourist offers, a wide choice of options for nature lovers and active vacationers, and ongoing focus on sustainable tourism.



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