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The Cost of Living in Vancouver, Canada in 2022

What is the cost of living in Vancouver, Canada? That might be one of your considerations in deciding whether or not you would like to live in a place wherein both the city and nature come together. 

Vancouver is the largest and most populous city in British Columbia. More than that, it is a great place to settle in for adventurous individuals who enjoy exploring hiking trails and participating in snow sports. The city also has beaches where residents can feel the golden sand between their toes and take in the view of mountains and sky-high buildings.

Residents in Vancouver enjoy having one of the best quality of life in the world. Last year, the Healthy Lifestyle Cities Report, published by Lenstore, placed Vancouver in the 10th place out of a list of 44 cities for healthy living. 

Monthly Cost of Living in Vancouver   

In a month, a household with four members would need to allocate a total of C$4,416.44 for their daily living expenses. A single person will only need C$1,201.28 every month to support themselves. However, these estimates do not include rent. 

Out of the 209 cities ranked by Mercer in terms of cost of living in 2021, Vancouver was in the 93rd place. This is the most expensive city out of the five cities in the country that were included in the list. Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, and Ottawa were in the 98th, 129th, 145th, and 156th places, respectively. These took into consideration the following expenses: housing, transportation, utilities, food, domestic supplies, home services, personal care, clothing and footwear, recreation and entertainment, and alcohol and tobacco.

Cost of Living in Vancouver: Dining Out

Enjoying a meal outside one’s home will cost an average of C$12.00 to 80.00. A combo meal in McDonalds costs C$12.00. This increases by six times more in a fancy restaurant that serves a three-course meal. It usually costs C$80.00 for two people, but can even go as high as C$200.00. 

Le Crocodile offers one of the best French fine dining experiences in Vancouver. It is consistently found among the lists of top restaurants in the city. Prices of the dishes on their menu range from C$15 to C$68.

Having a nightcap after a long day’s work in a bar or pub will cost C$7.00 for one glass of domestic draught beer or C$8.00 for a bottle of imported beer. 

For those who need a boost of caffeine to start their mornings, they can get a regular cappuccino for an average price of C$4.91. 

Cost of Living in Vancouver: Grocery Shopping

Head to the grocery store to stock one’s pantry. This could be a more economical option for everyday needs. 

A loaf of fresh white bread costs C$3.27, while a kilogram of white rice costs C$4.16. Dairy products such as a liter of milk, 12 pieces of eggs, and a kilogram of local cheese cost C$2.26, C$4.79, and C$15.35, respectively. 

A bag of chicken fillet costs C$15.26 for one kilogram. As expected, the same portion of beef costs more. It is usually priced at C$19.43. 

Don’t forget to add fresh fruits and healthy greens to one’s diet. One kilogram of each of the following fruits costs: C$4.00 for apples; C$1.83 for bananas; and C$4.00 for oranges. One head of lettuce costs C$2.80. 

Cost of Living in Vancouver: Public and Private Transportation

A one-way ticket on local transport will cost C$3.05. Individuals planning to take public transportation to get around the city should consider buying a monthly pass. On average, it costs C$120.00. This will remove the inconvenience of purchasing a ticket on a daily basis and could help cut down on personal expenses for transportation. 

Cost of living in Vancouver: public transportation
TransLink is the transportation network in Metro Vancouver. Residents have the option of riding buses, trains, or passenger ferries to get around the city.

A taxi ride that traverses a distance of 1 kilometer will cost C$1.88. This increases by as much as C$35.00 should a passenger let the taxi wait for an hour. 

Those with private cars need to be prepared to spend C$1.66 for a liter of gasoline. However, gas prices in the country have been increasing over the past few months. Because of this, it would be good to find ways to save money on gas

Cost of Living in Vancouver: Monthly Utilities 

Expenses for electricity, heating, cooling, water, and garbage in an apartment that is 85 square meters big will more or less cost C$95.10. Apart from that, an individual would also need to set aside C$85.67 to access the internet at home. This includes plans that offer 60 Mbps and above, unlimited data, or asymmetric digital subscriber lines (ADSL). 

Cost of Living in Vancouver: Sports and Leisure Activities

It’s important to take care of one’s well-being despite the responsibilities at work and home. Those interested in subscribing to a fitness club will need to shell out C$54.54 for one month of membership. Individuals who do not want to commit to such memberships can also head to any of the tennis courts available in the city. It costs C$15.61 to rent out the venue for one hour on a weekend. 

Moviegoers who want to sit back and relax can catch the latest blockbuster movie on the big screen for C$15.00 per person. 

Cost of Living in Vancouver: Clothing and Shoes

Buying an outfit for work, a date, or casual days ranges from C$25.00 to C$250.00, depending on the piece of clothing and the brand. A pair of Levi’s 501 jeans costs C$78.16. Those looking for summer dresses in a retail store, such as Zara and H&M, will need to prepare around C$49.45. 

A pair of running shoes from Nike will cost C$113.68, while a pair of leather shoes for men will cost C$154.68. 

Cost of Living in Vancouver: Housing

Renting a Residential Apartment

The amount of rent to be paid per month depends on the size and location of the apartment. A one-bedroom apartment in the center of Vancouver will cost C$2,127.50. This goes up to C$4,207.14 for a three-bedroom apartment. 

If those are beyond one’s budget, then apartments outside of the city center can be a more affordable option. They cost C$1,699.79 for one bedroom and C$2,974.29 for three bedrooms. 

Individuals who plan to move to the city should note that renting in Vancouver is much more expensive than in Toronto by 9.25%. 

Buying Residential Properties

Apartments inside the center of the city cost C$12,148.45 per square meter. Similarly, those outside the center of the city are priced lower. They usually cost C$8,975.71 per square meter.

Choosing a Neighborhood

Individuals can look into the different neighborhoods in Vancouver to know what is most suitable for their lifestyle and budget. 

Downtown Vancouver

In downtown Vancouver, individuals can opt to stay in the West End or Yaletown. The neighborhood in the West End has diversity written all over the place. From its restaurants, bars, museums, and everything else in between. It also has a friendly environment for the LGBTQ+ community. Renting a one-bedroom apartment costs C$1,500, while a two-bedroom apartment costs C$3,000.

Compared to the West End, the neighborhood in Yaletown is on the opposite end of the affordability spectrum. Residents can enjoy the view from a one-bedroom apartment in a high-rise building for C$2,300.

North Vancouver 

Individuals who want to be surrounded by nature can consider the neighborhood of Lynn Valley. It is a growing neighborhood that will become a major residential and commercial area in the years to come. Renting in Lynn Valley might be a good opportunity now because the prices of apartments that already have 2 or 3 bedrooms start at C$2,000.



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