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Here Are The 10 Leading Singapore Companies With The Coolest Employee Perks

When we think of dream firms, Google or Facebook usually come to mind first — which is not surprising, given that they have continuously been listed among the finest places to work.

Aside from these software behemoths, there are a slew of Singapore Companies that provide excellent employee benefits and deserve equal praise! Here are ten local businesses where we’re sure you’d love to work:

Singapore Companies 1. Singapore Airlines

In 2018, Singapore Airlines (SIA) was crowned the finest airline in the world for the fourth time since 2004.

TIME magazine recently named the nation’s major carrier one of the top 50 “Genius Companies” in 2018, with names like Apple, Nike, Disney, and Nintendo.

It’s no surprise that such a well-established corporation provides excellent employee perks. Once a year, SIA personnel and their qualified dependants (e.g., wife/husband, children, parents) are entitled to free flight tickets to any SIA location.

They can also choose to travel for themselves and their qualified dependents on up to 90% discounted flight tickets. Depending on space availability, all employees are also entitled for a free upgrade to Premium Economy class (up to Business and First Class for some).

Furthermore, if an employee has worked for the company for 25 years and retires, they will be entitled for lifetime travel perks!

The SIA Group Sports Club, located close to the SIA Training Centre, features soccer, badminton, tennis, squash, table tennis, and basketball, as well as a swimming pool and gym. This is part of the company’s attempts to encourage employees to be healthy and fit, as well as to give a place for them to unwind after work or on weekends.

Singapore Companies 2. Carousell

For its creative methods and fantastic working atmosphere, Carousell was voted one of the top tech firms to work for in Singapore in 2017.

To accommodate its fast-growing crew, the company moved its location from digital startup hotbed Blk71 to the CBD sector early last year.

We had the opportunity to tour their new two-story workplace, and we were blown away by the fact that they have an in-house barista who offers free coffee to the employees!

Employees may relax and socialise with their coworkers in a collaboration space, which includes a dedicated lounge, entertainment, and gaming area. During working hours, carousellers are free to visit the gaming room and play a game of pool, ping-pong, or PlayStation – as long as they finish their duties!

Every Friday, there are also free catered lunches so that everyone in the Carousell family can share a meal and have the opportunity to socialise over food.

Furthermore, Carousell offers a flexi-work programme that allows full-time workers to work from anywhere in the world for up to 5 days (not limited to Carousell’s international offices, though it is advised).

Employees that achieve a CarouStar Recognition, an internal award that recognises employees who contribute to the company’s mission and core values, may also be eligible for a free trip. Employees are nominated and voted on, with the winner receiving a trip to any Carousell office in the world (Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Australia)!

Singapore Companies 3. Razer

Razer is a multibillion-dollar gaming firm that started with a gaming mouse and has grown into a cult following.

It’s no wonder that the leisure space of its Singapore office looks reminiscent of a gaming arcade, given that the company’s creed is “for gamers, by gamers.”

Employees at Razer must be gamers themselves, according to the company, in order to better support their gaming consumers. As a result, Razer employees are free to play video games whenever they want as long as they finish their work. Nobody will notice if you try to claim ‘chicken dinner’ in the middle of the day in PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battleground)!

In keeping with this, every employee is given a Razer Blade as a work laptop!

Regular community game evenings and internal competitions are also held by Razer, where employees can play all night with their friends and coworkers.

Razer provides a complimentary buffet lunch every day for all employees to keep up with their insatiable gaming appetite.

External instructors, such as weekly yoga sessions, are also brought in by Razer to give complimentary fitness lessons for the company.

Singapore Companies 4. Goodstuph

Goodstuph is an indisputably stylish social media agency that, since its founding in 2010, has built a great name in the local creative community.

With the forthright Pat Law (Chief Everything Officer) at the helm, you can count on the company to provide unique employee benefits.

Goodstuph provides its staff with free Brazilian waxing, eyebrow trimming, and even haircuts; these grooming advantages are available on a monthly basis.

On Tuesdays, the company provides complimentary breakfast, as well as free-flow artisanal coffee all day! Their office has a La Marzocco coffee machine with Papa Palheta beans, and employees are welcome to travel to Papa’s for barista instruction.

A ball pit is also present in Goodstuph’s office, which is utilised to hold a company-wide lucky draw. Law will scribble a prize on a ball and toss it into the pit once a month. Employees who are selected will be entered to win prizes ranging from a one-day leave-in-lieu to a $150 massage gift.

Singapore Companies 5.Thesmartlocal

TheSmartLocal (TSL) is Singapore’s most popular lifestyle and tourism portal, including sister sites Eatbook, Zula, LST Events, and MustShareNews.

It moved into a new office space in November 2016, converting a barren industrial building into a 7,500-square-foot industrial chic office.

TSL offers an in-house kitchen where staff can prepare meals and then eat lunch together in the community dining area, in addition to several relax spaces throughout the office.

The designated sleep space, which allows staff to rest and recover after a day of hustling, is their strongest claim to fame as a’mini Google’ office. Furthermore, TSL staff are known for staying late, even for fun, therefore bunk beds are a must-have in the office!

TSL offers a few “special incentives” to long-serving employees, such as working from home, job redesign for individuals who wish to try something new, and even sabbatical opportunities.

Singapore Companies 6. Shopee

Shopee is a Singapore-based e-commerce platform owned by Sea Group (formerly known as Garena). It was launched in 2015.

Its new office at the Ascent Building has a variety of amenities to pamper its employees with optimum comfort, allowing them to feel at ease and at home while at work.

Employees can get a free rejuvenating massage twice a month from their in-house therapist if they are fatigued. Otherwise, they can take a little rest in the sleeping pods.

Employees can also unwind in the entertainment zone, which is equipped with an air hockey table, a pool table, and a foosball table, if they are worried.

Shopee has a well-stocked pantry that also serves a free staff breakfast every Monday morning for those who prefer to eat their stress away. Shopee also offers a meal catering service, where employees may order dinner in advance from a variety of menu items via their intranet.

Singapore Companies 7. Ministry Of Design

Tang’s flagship store, Macalister Mansion, Leo Burnett’s US office, and the New Majestic Hotel are among the prominent works of Ministry Of Design (MOD), a Singapore-based architecture and design studio.

Because the company values achieving a work-life balance, all employees are allowed to leave work at 3.30 p.m. on Fridays! It believes that giving employees extra time to unwind before the weekend will keep them happier and more productive.

Birthday leave is also implemented at Ministry Of Design, with employees being able to take the entire day off if their birthday occurs on a working day.

Singapore Companies 8. Fixx Digital

Employers in Singapore are required to provide a minimum of seven days of paid leave, a rule that has not altered since 1968.

Fixx Digital, a local web design firm, decided to go against the trend and provide its employees unlimited paid leave, a policy it has adopted openly since 2015.

Unfortunately, some employees have taken advantage of the system, claiming up to 40 days of yearly leave, therefore the company is now offering this benefit as an incentive to individuals who have worked for the company for at least a year and have delivered good results. However, it shouldn’t be difficult to achieve!

Good employees are also rewarded with the company’s ‘Employee of the Month’ award, which entitles them to a $100 CapitaLand shopping certificate in exchange for their efforts.

Their shared office also has a ‘Cinema Room,’ which is equipped with luxurious couches, a big-screen television, and a surround-sound system, allowing colleagues to Netflix and relax together.

Singapore Companies 9. Circles.Life

Circles. Life has made waves as Singapore’s first virtual mobile telco, with its unique 20GB for $20 offering aimed at combating data deprivation.

Circles has previously made news for viral marketing efforts like the Youtiao666 girls’ vandalism and the ‘Pay $3, Get $50’ vending machine, so it’s evident that risk-taking is at the heart of the company.

The genetic code of life.

Internally, there are circles.

Every Wednesday, Life offers free lunch to the entire company. Employees can discuss their projects and learning over lunch in a programme called ‘Lunch & Learn.’ Employees are also invited to eat out with their teams or across departments once a month for a free team lunch to develop bonding.

They also offer monthly outing events for all employees – employees may choose what they want to do (for example, paintball), invite coworkers to participate in the fun, and the company will cover all costs!

Singapore Companies 10. Shopback

Local startup ShopBack is capitalising on Singapore’s expanding e-commerce environment to popularise cashbacks.

Customers can obtain a percentage of their purchase money back through ShopBack’s website every time they make a transaction.

This small company’s office interior is themed after a school, and it was designed by interns who stayed overnight to decorate everything. ShopBackers assembled all of their furniture, and their workplace mural was hand-painted by their in-house designers.

Singapore Companies

Aside from having a lively workplace atmosphere with loads of games (ping pong table, foosball table), ShopBack also provides free lunch to its employees every Friday. It also provides free booze during happy hours, allowing employees to avoid after-work bar excursions.

They also hold weekly exercise classes after work in the evenings, including HIIT and yoga (the latter is led by their finance lady, who is a trained yoga practitioner) — a great way for staff to de-stress after a long day at work!



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