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New Updates on New Zealand Tourism Amidst Covid in 2022

New Zealand tourism—The rapid global spread of the Omicron coronavirus variety prompted New Zealand to postpone its staged border reopening plans until the end of February.

All foreign tourists will be granted entry into the country by April, just as the nation in the South Pacific began removing some of the world’s strictest pandemic safeguards. The country’s international border restrictions will be gradually loosened starting in January. Non-quarantine travel, which was to open for New Zealanders in Australia on January 16th, will be delayed to the end of February, COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins said at a press conference in Wellington.

According to all the evidence, Omicron appears to be the most transmissible COVID-19 variation to date.

The fact that many people’s Christmas plans have been thrown off is a disappointment, but the changes must be made public now, so they have time to adjust.

New Zealand Tourism: The Hobbiton

It’s still unclear how Omicron makes people sick, and its effect on health systems, so prudent precautions are necessary.

In addition, quarantine stays in New Zealand’s state facilities would be extended from seven to ten days and will likely affect New Zealand tourism. Pre-departure testing for entry into New Zealand is only required 48 hours before departure, down from the previous minimum of 72 hours.

“Life is constantly changing and never stays the same.”

It sounds like something from The Lord of the Rings, but Russell Alexander, the CEO of Hobbiton Movie Set Tours, came up with it instead. Tolkien lovers from all over the world have come to visit the set of The Lord of the Rings, which has transformed from a magical site to a tourist attraction due to a pandemic.

The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit film series were shot at the Hobbiton Movie Set in the Shire’s titular town and its environs. Epic tales of good vs. evil are told in these fantasy films, which are set in a world populated by noble Elves, austere Dwarves, hospitable Hobbits, and a wide variety of Men. Adult Hobbits are around the size of a human kid, making them the world’s tiniest species. As the most tranquil and domestic race, the Hobbits were known for their love of comfort and delicious eating.

Popularity From the Movies and New Zealand Tourism

The Lord of the Rings films, with their elves, dwarves, and hobbits, had become so beloved that it was only a matter of time before a makeshift movie set was constructed in their honor. So, in December 2002, the Hobbiton Movie Set opened to the public for a limited period (at the time).

It wasn’t until the Hobbiton Movie Set was updated in 2010 that it reached its current stage of development. Once again, we’ll get to see Hobbiton on the big screen as part of the Hobbit trilogy’s production schedule. For the 2011 production of the movie, the set was recreated more permanently.

That’s how history unfolded, after all. The Hobbiton Movie Set is now home to several tours, each focused on a particular element of life in Hobbiton, which increased appeal for New Zealand tourism. If you were paying attention, the 20th anniversary of the original Lord of the Rings film was honored in 2021. Fans of all ages were invited to attend a special 20th-anniversary celebration tour, which included a film screening.

The 12-acre set contains 44 Hobbit Holes (the hobbits’ houses), the Mill (Hobbiton’s water mill), and the Green Dragon Inn, all of which may be seen during the tours. According to Alexander, going to the Hobbiton Movie Set in different seasons gives you a completely new experience.

Spring is a time of rebirth because of the abundance of flowers and fauna, he remarked. “And in the summer, the sun is extremely different.” Additionally, he observed that the changing leaves in fall were a distinguishing feature of that season. The colder winter months offered a different perspective on the Hobbiton Film Set. Flowers and colors appear to change throughout the year because of the variety of outdoor locales.

The Green Dragon Inn, where the Hobbits gathered for a drink and good times, is the real star of the show, and has always boosted New Zealand tourism.

A lot of infrastructures is required to maintain it looking beautiful and realistic,” said Alexander, who compared the operation of the place to overseeing several gears in a machine. Would that inn be complete without tasty refreshments? For those who desire to live like a Hobbit — at least for the duration of their trip to the Hobbiton Movie Set — Amber Ale and the Southfarthing ales are available.

When it comes to visiting the Hobbiton Movie Set, he believes that guests are looking for a true-to-life experience. Visitors focus on this section “looking for a movie-like experience with real people. An authentic experience can only be provided by properly preparing the employees who will be providing it.”

The Putangirua Pinnacles, a popular tourist destination, are located nearby. From the set, viewers may also see the Kaimai Ranges.

A True Sight to See for New Zealand Tourism

The epidemic has been brutal for the Hobbiton Movie Set, as it has been for many other locations. However, Alexander saw the bright side of things. According to him, “Life is made to test us; and what doesn’t kill you strengthens you.” The same is true for New Zealand tourism.

There is “light at the end of the tunnel.” Alexander hasn’t met any Hobbits, has he? Basically. Samwise Gamgee, Frodo’s stoic sidekick, is Sean Astin’s most memorable character in The Lord of the Rings. During the production of the movies, they had numerous discussions.

“He extended the invitation to join him in his travel trailer. He exudes warmth and friendliness, and his manners are impeccable. His personality and company were enjoyable to me.”

No doubt in the same way that people enjoy the Hobbiton Film Set.

It’s been a fantastic experience as he wrapped things up, and he hopes to share that adventure with others in the future.

And the adventure has only just begun for those visiting the Hobbiton Movie Set.



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