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Most In-Demand Skills in New Zealand 2022

Whether you’re looking for a job or thinking to expand your workforce, this list of most in-demand skills in New Zealand in 2022 is for you!

The labor market in New Zealand is continuously changing, with certain abilities in higher demand than others. Knowing what abilities are required will assist you in making future career and study goals, as well as ensuring your employment. Employers may use demand data to guide workforce planning and internal training and development activities, allowing them to upskill employees and close skills gaps.

The most in-demand skills are listed below. This list is kept up to date with the newest hiring trends so you can stay competitive – whether you’re looking to hire or expand your workforce.

The variables influencing demand

Recruitment patterns and the top skills in demand inevitably shift over time, whether driven by technology progress or unanticipated upheavals such as COVID-19.

The world has never seen such a candidate shortage in so many industries before. Despite the relaxation of COVID-19 travel restrictions and the opening of borders, vacancy activity is so high that it will take two years before internal and external migration reduces domestic skills shortages in some professions. The predicted departure of young New Zealanders for abroad work experience in 2022 will exacerbate the skills crisis.

Meanwhile, the pandemic and the 2021 lockdowns pushed many individuals to reconsider their work-life balance. As a result, a record number of people are planning to resign from their employment, dubbed “The Great Resignation” by the media. This adds to the candidate shortage, since demand outnumbers supply. The resulting momentum is fueling a broad list of in-demand skills.

Top five in-demand skills

The job market trends across the 20 industries and sectors for which most employers recruit in New Zealand, and the top 5 most in-demand skills that firms want on a national scale are shown below. These are the most in-demand skills in comparison to supply.  The list concentrated on job titles to identify the precise hard or technical abilities at the pinnacle of the supply and demand mismatch.

1. Project Managers in Information Technology

To lead digital transformation initiatives, IT project managers are in high demand. Experienced Project Managers are needed by organizations of all sizes to scope and implement complicated tasks. Successful applicants are able to operate within agile frameworks, communicate effectively, and bridge the gap between stakeholders and non-technical professionals.

Most In-Demand Skills in New Zealand 2022

2. Civil Project Managers

Project Managers with a New Zealand certification and extensive local experience are in great demand in civil construction. A background in Three Waters is great. Candidates who have built their careers from the bottom up in a market that is already facing skills shortages are in high demand across the country.

3. Talent Acquisition Specialists

Talent Acquisition experts, particularly those with technology or high-volume recruiting experience, are in short supply. Expertise in proactive sourcing is highly regarded. Employees that are qualified must have well-developed networks as well as demonstrated expertise seeking talent in a candidate short market. Employers also look for experience managing high-volume portfolios, as well as the ability to work quickly, think creatively, and solve problems. Stakeholder involvement, communication, and expectation management abilities are highly prized. Candidates with experience in the technical disciplines are in particularly high demand as the sector expands fast.

4. Digital Marketing Specialists

Specialists in digital marketing with excellent technical and soft abilities are needed. Employers need marketeers who can operate independently as well as in groups. It’s crucial to have a commercial and growth attitude, as well as a desire to stay up with the current trends. Candidates must demonstrate their outcomes through important indicators, innovate, adapt, and utilize theoretical knowledge in the actual world to stand out. It is necessary to have a shown enthusiasm for marketing.

5. Payroll Officers

Payroll is an area that is always in high demand. While recruitment activity for many accounting and financial professions varies according to seasonal trends, payroll is required all year. However, a scarcity of qualified candidates propels this position into the top five of nationally sought-after abilities. Employers search for Payroll Officers with applicable system expertise, good Excel abilities, and experience dealing with a similar amount of people when they hire. The ability to work in a fast-paced atmosphere, as well as solid tenure, ERP skills, and a successful interview performance, are required.

Other in-demand skills

Software Developers

As New Zealand businesses engage in application development to better their consumers’ digital channels, there is a high need for software developers. While languages, frameworks, and products differ per company, JavaScript is the most prevalent, with C#, Java, PHP, Ruby, and Python all in great demand. Experience with current JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, React, and Vue, as well as cloud-based technologies such as AWS or Azure, is a plus. Hiring managers seek individuals that are well-rounded, with good problem-solving and communication abilities in addition to technical talents.

Senior Financial Accountants and Finance Managers

Finance Managers and Senior Financial Accountants with excellent interpersonal and business partnership abilities are required. Hiring managers prefer candidates who have either a CA or CPA degree, good commercial experience, appropriate industry expertise, and ERP system exposure.

Most In-Demand Skills in New Zealand 2022

Assistant Accountants

A scarcity of skilled migrants has resulted in a scarcity of applicants for both permanent and temporary non-qualified Assistant Accountant positions. These positions are commonly utilized as a stepping stone into New Zealand’s commercial business, although staffing demand surpasses availability.

Business Development Managers 

Business Development Managers with strong sales abilities are in high demand. Candidates with a technical background or expertise marketing technology are in high demand in companies of all sizes.

Civil Engineers 

Civil engineers with competence in land development are necessary for the design of subdivision projects from conception to completion. Those with Civil 3D or 12D expertise are preferred.

Civil tradespeople

In New Zealand’s dynamic civil construction sector, qualified drainlayers, machine operators, and civil laborers are in great demand. Employers are looking for trained and ticketed Drainlayers and experienced Machine Operators who can pass drug tests, drive their own vehicle, and travel. It’s crucial to be dependable.

Quantity Surveyors

Across all disciplines, there is a scarcity of dependable and committed Quantity Surveyors. Employers want degree-qualified individuals with New Zealand experience, appropriate industry expertise, and a track record of success in previous employment.


We are also witnessing a significant need for Estimators across all disciplines. Candidates, like Quantity Surveyors, must be degree-qualified and have relevant and recent New Zealand experience.

Architectural Technicians 

Architectural Technicians with ArchiCAD or Revit knowledge and a solid technical background creating working drawings and documentation for both residential and commercial projects are in high demand in the architectural business. Employers prefer applicants who can get right in and do not require software training.

Most In-Demand Skills in New Zealand 2022

Site Managers 

Site managers with a background in carpentry and trades are in high demand. Candidates who can push the building program ahead and assume responsibility for all subtrades are sought after by employers. It is believed that there would be strict adherence to health and safety regulations.

Residential Forepersons 

In the home building field, forepersons are few. Candidates must be excellent communicators with a thorough understanding of industry best practices in construction. Licensed Building Practitioners (LBPs) are recommended, however they must have a New Zealand trade certification.

Mechanical HVAC Engineers 

Mechanical HVAC Engineers are in high demand in New Zealand, however extremely specific abilities are required. Hiring managers prefer individuals having a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering as well as relevant prior experience. Candidates must also be capable of leading a small team and designing HVAC turnkey projects. Experience implementing New Zealand Building Codes and Standards within their present function is required.

Construction Site Administrators

Construction Site Administrators with a good track record of success in the construction business are in high demand.


Carpenters with experience in residential and commercial construction and fitouts are in high demand in today’s job environment. Candidates must be skilled in their craft, have their own tools, and have extensive experience framing, installing doors, finishing, and building from the ground up. With project deadlines tightening, demand for new hires is outstripping availability.

Most In-Demand Skills in New Zealand 2022


Registered electricians with residential, commercial, and industrial expertise are in great demand. Candidates must be competent to supervise apprentices working on projects.

HVAC Technicians

HVAC Technicians that are experienced and trained and can work independently are in great demand. Employers want a candidate with an electrical license who likes installation and service/maintenance work.


For projects, registered plumbers with expertise working on new residential and commercial construction are required. Candidates that have completed or are preparing to complete this procedure stand out.

Advice for job applicants

Your abilities may be in high demand, but you’ll need to plan ahead if you want to get a new job today. Prepare solid proof of your successes to share in your CV and interviews, and organize your job hunt by updating your CV and LinkedIn page.

It’s also crucial to keep up with the newest job market developments in your sector by upskilling on a regular basis. Set professional objectives, if you haven’t already, so you have a clear plan of action to follow in order to meet your development requirements and career desires.

Be realistic about your income expectations by researching normal earnings for your position in respect to current employment market trends. Salaries for in-demand skills are rising, but only so far — there is a gap between what professionals want and what companies can deliver. As a result, investigate whether non-monetary rewards might bridge the gap. If you are confused about your compensation expectations or the most recent recruiting trends, speak with your recruitment consultant.

Finally, keep your mental health and well-being in mind at work and during your job hunt.



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