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Most In-Demand Jobs in New Zealand in 2022

COVID-19 had a significant influence on the employment market in New Zealand, as it had in other nations throughout the world.

Several businesses, including food service, transportation, and retail, lost employment last year. At the same time, things are beginning to look good for job hunters, and the future appears to be brighter.

It’s a good thing to understand which jobs have the most vacancies if you want to boost your chances of being employed in 2022 and beyond.

What are the most in-demand jobs in New Zealand in 2022?

Let’s have a look at some of the talents that these (and many more) careers require before diving deeper into the most in-demand jobs in New Zealand in 2022. The following are the top ten most in-demand abilities that New Zealand job candidates should have (or work on developing):

Construction. Construction occupations are at the top of the list of high-demand jobs in New Zealand. Do you have construction-related talents, such as physical strength, construction expertise, a strong sense of hand-eye coordination, and familiarity with a variety of equipment and technologies? If that’s the case, you’ll have a lot of options in this field.

Business Analysis. Employees with strong business analysis skills may help a lot of firms in New Zealand. Are you skilled at problem-solving, oral and written communication, and creative problem-solving? Do you have a good sense of organization? All of these abilities, when paired with a deep grasp of corporate structures and operations, may turn you into a useful member of any team.

Web development. Those working in the information technology industry in New Zealand have a plethora of career opportunities. Web development is the most in-demand expertise for many of these positions. You’ll have an easier time making your way into a development or programming team if you have a deep grasp of programming languages, are computer literate, and are extremely detail-oriented.

Animation. Do you have any prior experience in computer animation and design? If that’s the case, there are many of opportunities for you, particularly in the graphic design and video editing fields. Your animation abilities will assist you in obtaining a creative profession that provides you a great deal of freedom and problem-solving chances.

Nursing. Nurses are in great demand in New Zealand, and nursing skills are in high demand as well. Do you have any nursing or patient-care experience? Are you currently studying to become a nurse? If that’s the case, your abilities will come in handy now and in the future as the demand for skilled healthcare personnel grows.

Teaching. Teachers are in high demand in New Zealand, just as they are for nurses. Teachers who are brilliant and eager deserve to educate students of all ages. You’ll have a lot of work prospects in the teaching industry if you have talents in properly communicating knowledge and managing a classroom.

Engineering. Engineers (of all types) are in great demand throughout New Zealand, and there are lots of employment openings for them. Problem-solving, pressure management, collaboration, detail orientation, creativity, structural analysis, and, of course, industry-specific knowledge are some of the most valuable engineering abilities to have (or develop) (an aeronautics engineer will have a different knowledge base than a civil engineer, for example).

Marketing. All types of firms in New Zealand can benefit from having a marketing expert on staff. Traditional and digital marketing abilities are in high demand throughout the United States. If you have experience in this field and are seeking for job, your ability to market items, solve issues, and communicate well in writing and vocally will be quite beneficial.

Plumbing. Plumbers are constantly in great demand in New Zealand and across the world. You’ll have an easier time getting employed if you have plumbing abilities (excellent hand/arm strength, the ability to install appliances, the ability to install pipe systems, etc.) and experience, whether you want to operate your own business, work on a construction team, or anything in between.

Carpentry. In New Zealand, carpentry skills are likewise highly appreciated and in high demand. Do you have any expertise in designing, planning, project management, or problem-solving in the context of woodworking? If so, you’ll find plenty of job possibilities in both the commercial and public sectors in New Zealand.

Most In-Demand Jobs in New Zealand in 2022

Most in-demand jobs in New Zealand in 2022


Salary Range: NZD 52K to NZD 80K per year

Top Employers: Northbridge Lifecare Trust, Canterbury District Health Board, and Auckland Health Board are among the top employers.

Career Opportunities: Nursing jobs in New Zealand are (and will continue to be) among the most in-demand positions in the country. Even after the pandemic has passed, the country will require trained, caring nurses to care for patients and provide support so that they can recover as rapidly as possible.

Administrative Assistant

Salary Range: NZD 47,500 to 71,500 per year

Top Employers: Tyler Wren, Momentum Consulting Group, and Marvel International Group are among the companies that are hiring.

Career Opportunities: A professional, organized administrative assistant is needed by a variety of firms in New Zealand. This work has a lot of potential, both now and in the future. After all, there will always be a demand for strong organization and time management assistance in all firms and sectors, thus your prospects of landing an administrative assistant work are good.

Worker in the Child Welfare System

Salary Range: NZD 48K to NZD 66K per year

Top Employers: Hawke’s Bay District Health Board, Marist Alternative Education, and Wesley Community Action are among the top employers.

Career Opportunities: Child welfare specialists (social workers who specialize in children’s situations) are in great demand in New Zealand. There are many children who require informed, competent people to advocate for them in schools, healthcare institutions, and other settings, therefore the career prospects for this position are bright both now and in the future.

Most In-Demand Jobs in New Zealand in 2022


Salary Range: NZD 72K to 103K per year

Top Employers: Canterbury District Health Board, Whanganui District Health Board, and Hauora Tairawhiti

Career Opportunities: More than ever, individuals of all ages and backgrounds want mental health assistance. In New Zealand, there is a high need for psychologists and other mental health specialists, and the career prospects for those who enter this sector are promising (or plan to enter it in the near future).

Machine Operators

Salary Range: NZD 43K to NZD 64K per year is the salary range.

Top Employers: Grayson Engineering, Kono Nz, and Jacobs Douwe Egberts

Career Opportunities: Machine operator jobs are in high demand in New Zealand, and with good reason. You’ll have an easier time getting employment if you have expertise operating heavy machinery or are prepared to attend training and learn, especially if you want to work in a warehouse or storage facility.

Worker in the Construction Industry

Salary Range: NZD 47K to NZD 72K per year

Top Employers: TimberLab Solutions, Japan Homes, and Adecco

Career Opportunities: Whether you want to work as a worker, an engineer, or an administrator, the construction sector has many of opportunities. These occupations aren’t going away, though, particularly as the country attempts to fix its infrastructure problems. As a construction worker, there are several possibilities to advance through the ranks and potentially find yourself in a managerial or supervisory role.


Salary Range: NZD 56K to NZD 96K

Top Employers: Laser Plumbing and Electrical, Hays, and Matt Hobbs Plumbing and Drainlaying

Career Prospects: Skilled plumbers who can work with private people, on building sites, and in the public sector are in high demand (and always will be). It makes no difference what sort of plumbing work you’re looking for. Once you’ve completed your training, there’s a strong possibility you’ll be able to land it without too much work.


Salary Range: NZD 52K to 77K per year

Top Employers: TimberLab Solutions, Warren Kennedy Building, and Cushman & Wakefield

Career Opportunities: Skilled carpenters are in high demand in New Zealand, just as they are in the building and plumbing industries. They’re required for both commercial and governmental sector work, ranging from modest projects to multi-year construction contracts. Carpenters have a bright future ahead of them, so now is an excellent time to brush up on your carpentry abilities.

Data Entry Operator

Salary Range: NZD 42K to NZD 60K per year

Top Employers: Kelly, Whanganui District Health Board, and C3 Limited

Career Opportunities: Data entry operators are needed by all types of firms in New Zealand to stay organized and keep their operations operating efficiently. You’ll have an easy time getting a data entry operator work here now and in the future if you have data entry experience, or if you’re a good typer, detail-oriented, and ready to learn.


Salary Range: NZ370K to NZ680K per year

Top Employers: Southern District Health Board, Hutt Valley District Health Board, and Lakes District Health Board

Career Opportunities: Radiologists are among the highest-paid healthcare professionals in New Zealand. This position is also one of the most in-demand in New Zealand, which makes it even more appealing. Radiologists are needed on the teams of healthcare clinics and hospitals to interpret scans, make diagnoses, and provide advice and information to patients. To become a radiologist, you must put in a lot of effort up front, but the possibilities for this career are so promising that most individuals believe it is worth the time and effort.

Most In-Demand Jobs in New Zealand in 2022


Salary Range: NZD 48K to NZD 50K per year

Top Employers: AWF, Lombard Farms, and Fonterra Co-Operative Group

Career Opportunities: Farmhands, who can assist with many elements of running a farm and keep the food production chain going smoothly, are in high demand. There’s a decent chance you’ll be able to get work as a farmhand in New Zealand if you have a thorough understanding of farming procedures, are physically fit, and can handle problems creatively.


Salary Range: NZD 50K to 87K per year

Top Employers: Marist Alternative Education, Evolve Education Group, and Beststart Educare

Career Opportunities: Students in New Zealand need and expect to learn from excellent, passionate instructors from preschool through high school. Teachers’ prospects in New Zealand are bright both now and in the future, since there will always be another generation of pupils eager to learn and progress.

Electrical Engineer

Salary Range: NZD 54K to NZD 100K per year

Top Employers: Daifuku Oceania Unlimited, Rio Tinto, Construction and Technical Recruitment

Career Opportunities: Engineering jobs are in high demand and offer excellent career opportunities. Jobs in electrical engineering, on the other hand, appear to be very promising. If you have prior expertise in this industry or are currently in school and pursuing a career as an electrical engineer, you should have no trouble finding work now or after graduation.

Web Developer

Salary Range: NZD 52K to 96K per year

Top Employers: Robert Walters, Weta Digital, and Massey University

Career Opportunities: Web developers have a lot of opportunities today and in the future. New Zealand companies of all sizes may benefit from the expertise of skilled web developers. The appropriate developer may make all the difference when it comes to building or revamping a website or developing a mobile app.


Salary Range: NZD 43K to 81K per year

Top Employers: Lane Neave Lawyers, Ministry of Education New Zealand, and Echelon Group

Career Opportunities: Accountant jobs are among the most sought-after positions in New Zealand. After all, when it comes to managing their money, making investment decisions, and planning for the future, companies and people are constantly in need of assistance. Accounting may be the appropriate choice for you if you have a passion for finance and are searching for a steady career.

Sales Representative

Salary Range: $NZD 43K to $NZD 73K per year

Top Employers: Kiwi Marketing Solutions, Unique Beverages, Prosper & Live Free

Career Opportunities: Skilled salespeople help keep businesses afloat in both good and bad economic times. If you have an aptitude for sales or are ready to study and learn, you’ll have a bright future in this area.

Retail Assistant

Salary Range: NZD 45K to NZD 48K per year

Top Employers: Home Heating, The Gilded Edge, and Calendar Club

Career Opportunities: The retail sector in New Zealand suffered a knock in 2020, but things are looking good in 2021. Retail employees have several options to enjoy job stability, competitive compensation, and advancement into management roles (which come with pay raises, naturally).

Digital Marketer

Salary Range: NZD 52K to 86K per year

Top Employers: Ryan Recruitment, University of Auckland, and Fastweb

Career Opportunities: Digital marketing is in great demand for firms around Australia. Many organizations are striving hard to make the shift to the digital era, and a talented digital marketer may assist them in doing so more quickly. Your job prospects appear bright if you have relevant expertise and training in this industry.

Animator/Graphic Designer

Salary Range: NZD 62, 000 to NZD 96, 000 per year

Top Employers: Nzski, Genesis Energy NZ, and Kathmandu Group

Career Opportunities: If you have graphic design or animation abilities, there are plenty of chances in New Zealand to put them to use. This professional path appears to have a bright future, especially since many organizations try to improve their online image and become more updated.

Most In-Demand Jobs in New Zealand in 2022

Project Manager

Salary Range: NZD 70K to NZD 140K per year

Top Employers: Prosper & Live Free, Deloitte, and Randstad

Career Opportunities: Project management roles are among the most sought-after positions in New Zealand. Whether you work in IT, graphic design, marketing, or healthcare, project managers are in high demand. They keep things going smoothly and ensure that everyone stays motivated and completes their tasks on time. Your prospects of securing a project management position appear extremely excellent if you’re organized, detail-oriented, and have leadership experience.

In 2022, land the most in-demand jobs in New Zealand.

Do you have a better notion of which career you want to follow now that you know more about the most in-demand careers in New Zealand in 2022?

As you can see, there are several high-demand occupations to choose from, whether you want to work in healthcare, technology, or anywhere in between. Keep this list in mind and, if necessary, begin improving on your talents to improve your chances of getting recruited.



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