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Homedigital nomadHuge Updates on Qatar Technology in 2022

Huge Updates on Qatar Technology in 2022

Qatar Technology Update—According to a panel of industry experts who shared their predictions for the coming year, digital transformation is gaining traction. Businesses are becoming more mission-driven, perceptions are altering, and change is happening faster than before.

The ‘Year Ahead Summit,’ organized by Bloomberg, was a recent virtual event. Corporate executives from a wide range of sectors – including financial services, retail, travel, healthcare, and information technology — attended the event, which was sponsored by the Investment Promotion Agency Qatar and Holcim & McKinsey & Company, to devise a strategic plan for global business in the year ahead.

By examining the fundamental changes that have taken place or are now taking place, Carrier CEO David Gitlin outlined the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the company in recent Qatar technology update.

“It’s vital that we offer a healthy and safe indoor environment for people to live in.” As he put it, “We have an opportunity to create a safe and healthy interior air environment with the correct kind of ventilation and filtering equipment.” He stated, “We’re trying to adopt a more strategic approach so that we come out of this epidemic in a much more robust and resilient fashion. For instance, we are increasing our investment in automation. We have gone from millions of automated production hours to three million at the end of last year, and we are planning to double that amount in the next five years.”

We recently asked, “Will industry executives use recent learnings from the pandemic to make permanent, substantial improvements in their firms. Inquiries like these will be answered during the Invest Qatar-sponsored The Year Ahead Summit.”

Recovering from the pandemic “will take a bit of time,” says Shai Weiss, CEO of Virgin Atlantic Limited. “However, on the back of better news concerning Omicron (as in the UK, the cases have gone down), changes to the restriction in travel have been removed, and this gives us indication this year will be better than the years 2020 and 2021.”

True to her roots as an entrepreneur, Falguni Nayar is the founder and CEO of Nykaa, one of India’s top online health and beauty businesses. She spoke at the summit about the company’s incredible growth and the successful IPO journey in recent Qatar technology update.

“Indian capital markets were keen to invest in tech-led enterprises because there is a clear development path for organizations that use technology to grow their operations, and the pace of growth they have experienced is significantly higher than the traditional companies or businesses,” she explained.

Qatar Technology Update: Helping Entrepreneurs Cross the Digital Divide

Micro-retailers in Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, and the Ivory Coast had a 27 percent temporary closure rate and a 41 percent fall in average daily sales when the COVID-19 pandemic first hit and were forced to close their doors as a result temporarily.

Although digital transformation is spreading across Africa rapidly, many micro and small enterprises have found it difficult to “go digital” and service their clients remotely due to a variety of barriers and constraints. Digitizing small businesses presents some obstacles. Lack of necessary digital skills is a significant barrier in limiting the adoption of digital tools, even beyond issues of accessibility and pricing. Digital skills are increasingly in demand outside of the ICT sector in sub-Saharan Africa, where business owners adopt new digital technology. For small businesses to thrive in the digital age, they require a wide range of talents, not only digital ones, such as communicating effectively in a digital world.

Fortunately, Strive Community has teamed up with Arifu, a Kenyan digital content and interactive learning platform, to help micro-retailers prepare for potential economic shocks by digitizing their companies. With the help of Arifu, retailers will learn how to enhance their digital confidence, use digital technologies to boost productivity, and engage in digital markets. They will also learn to acquire digital credit responsibly to strengthen their financial resilience in recent Qatar technology update.

SMS and WhatsApp chatbots will be used to meet micro-retailers on the digital channels they are already familiar with to address data limits. When it comes to training, both the design and delivery channels should be given equal consideration to encourage meaningful participation.

As part of the Jaza Duka digital credit program, Arifu gave 20,000 micro-retailers access to financial and business training content through the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth.

With Jaza Duka, Swahili for “fill up your store,” FMCG suppliers can provide short-term working capital to micro-merchants based on historical sales data. Jaza Duka Merchants buy merchandise from distributors with their Jaza Duka credit, allowing them to stock their storefronts and expand their companies.

In recent Qatar technology updates, Jaza Duka trainees benefited from Arifu’s training in various ways, including enhanced company performance, increased knowledge of responsible borrowing, and the development of strategies for mitigating the economic effects of COVID-19.

More than 1.5 million consumers and small businesses have benefited from Arifu’s partnership with banks, mobile network operators, and digital platforms. We look forward to working with Arifu on this ambitious initiative and sharing the benefits and learning this cooperation will bring. You can reach us at for additional information about the project.

Qatar Technology: Microsoft and Atos Come Together

As the speed of digital transformation picks up and the benefits of the cloud become more apparent, two of the world’s leading cloud technology companies, Microsoft and Atos, have extended their worldwide alliance into Qatar better to serve their most prominent clients and additional prospects there.

Preparation for this comes ahead of Microsoft’s cloud data center debut in Qatar and as part of the company’s larger digital transformation strategy in the Middle Eastern country.

In recent Qatar technology updates, there is tremendous potential for firms to rethink their businesses and industries as the cloud adoption momentum in Qatar continues to grow.” To give our clients the most options and freedom, we are reinventing our partner ecosystem,” stated Lana Khalaf Microsoft Qatar’s General Manager. To ensure our customers’ success with our solutions, we have an unrivaled worldwide partner network. Atos has a global footprint and a vision for guaranteeing the success of our customers on their journey to the cloud, and we are glad to deepen our relationship with them.”

The partners have collaborated with a shared engagement approach to oversee their respective field organizations’ development and go-to-market efforts.

As part of Qatar’s National Vision 2030, Atos is pleased to announce its cooperation with Microsoft, which aims to speed up the digital transformation of the public and private sectors in recent Qatar technology update. Our Qatar clients will benefit from this, and we want to help them reach their goals. Atos and Microsoft will provide Qatar with a broad and distinctive solution by utilizing the global footprint and substantial knowledge of Atos Middle East & Turkey.” Atos Qatar’s General Manager, Taha Mohsen, agreed.

Atos is one of several Microsoft partners working on Qatar’s “Smart City” initiative, TASMU. The firm was contracted by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to provide cybersecurity threat detection and response services for the landmark project, officially designated as the first smart city in the Middle East.

Atos, a well-respected global leader in cloud and digital workplace security, holds a commanding second place in the worldwide market for managed security services. Cloud advice counsel, application transformation experience, prebuilt cloud accelerators, and unique skills are all part of Atos OneCloud, a ground-breaking project that aims to help clients traverse their cloud journey safely and quickly. Atos will assist shape Qatar’s public sector’s information space of the future with its cutting-edge Quantum Learning Machine and best-in-class computing capacity in recent Qatar technology update.

Microsoft has announced plans to supply Microsoft Cloud services, such as Azure, Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform, from Qatar’s new cloud data center. Azure is available in 140 countries and provides a comprehensive set of enterprise-grade cloud computing services for developers and businesses of all sizes to create innovative customer experiences, transform their company and operations, and speed up the pace of innovation in Microsoft’s cloud.



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