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Holland Park in Germany to Open in Spring/Summer 2022

The Holland Park in Germany is set to open in the next few months. Individuals, couples, and families will be greeted with a beautiful field of tulips, tons of fun activities to do, and authentic Dutch cuisine.

Theo Roelofs is the man behind the upcoming Holland Park in Germany. He is already 56 years old but is still full of vigor and enthusiasm for theme gardens. The creation of the Holland Park in Germany is rooted in him being a man of Dutch descent. However, he has lived in Germany for nearly three decades now and works to manage different theme gardens in the country. The Holland Park in Germany would truly be an integration of who he is and the country which he has grown accustomed to. 

It has been a lifelong dream of his to establish something like this. For 20 years, he hoped to actualize that dream. He said that “I visited an open-air museum close to Amsterdam with the family, with windmills and small houses painted in dark green and white edges.” Drawing inspiration from that unforgettable experience, he then decided to finally put up Holland Park in Germany. 

What Can Visitors Expect from the Holland Park in Germany? 

Those looking for a place to relax and go on an adventure at the same time can find both in the Holland Park in Germany. Everyone in the family, whether young or old, will have something to do. There is a garden center, outdoor and indoor areas for activities, and a restaurant. 

Entering the Holland Park in Germany will make you feel as if you were actually in the Netherlands. From its architecture, design, food, and everything else, the Dutch culture is there. 

Garden Center and Market Hall

The current garden center, which is still open to the public, will be included in the Holland Park in Germany. It was designed using techniques from the traditional Dutch architectural style.

But, visitors will not be limited to just looking at fields of flowers and plants. Demonstration shows will also be performed in the garden center. 

Daffodils can also be found at the Holland Park in Germany

When spring arrives, the entire Holland Park in Germany will be full of Dutch tulips, daffodils, and many more flowers. Those who want to bring home a tulip can even harvest one themselves at a designated field. 

After going around the area, visitors can also take home something from their trip to this park. Flowers, plants, home decorations, and garden ornaments will be available throughout the week. 

They are also planning to offer different Dutch and regional products from the traders and producers themselves. With this, visitors can enjoy global items that are not easily found within the country.

Come Christmas time, visitors can also buy unique presents for their loved ones at the Christmas market. 


Those looking for a more exciting activity can head on to the different areas throughout the park. Football and wall climbing will leave visitors out of breath. Children and anyone, regardless of age, who wants to get up close to a donkey can also do so here. There will be an indoor petting zoo with animals such as turtles, parrots, koi, and catfish, to name a few. 

If the heat from the sun is too much, individuals can also go inside their activity centers. There is an indoor playground, an adventure house, and a mill museum.

Families interested in spending the birthday parties of their children in the park can book any of the rooms created especially for that purpose.

The park will also have a slide tower that is as high as 20 meters. At the top, there will be a viewing platform so that visitors can see the whole of Holland Park. There will be as many as five different slides suitable for all members of the family. 

Hiking trails will also be found in the park. Visitors can just take their time walking around the area and appreciate everything that it has to offer.


Those who have wondered what Dutch cuisine tastes like don’t need to travel to the Netherlands to quench their curiosity. The Holland Park in Germany will serve the best Dutch delicacies. They even have the Dutch “chips stand”. Visitors who are undecided on what they should eat can take a bite of many of the Dutch foods in the buffet area of the park. 

Visitors can also enjoy the delicious food at the 150-year-old self-service restaurant. As they do so, they will have a view of the Dutch mill. It is truly a feast for both the eyes and the stomach. It would feel as if you were really in Holland.

There will also be a Dutch snack bar, but it’s not just any snack bar. Visitors can see how the “Holland fries in a bag” are made. If those are not enough, they can also try the croquettes or frikandel, which is a traditional dish made of minced meat.

But, the gastronomic experience doesn’t end there. Visitors can watch how flour turns into homemade bread. Then, they can pair it up with a cup of authentic Dutch coffee. 

Getting to the Holland Park in Germany

Holland Park in Germany is located in Dorfstrasse 30, 16341 Panketal, which is a municipality very close to Berlin. It is just about a 20-minute or an hour-long trip, depending on the mode of transportation.

To get there, individuals just need to ride a bike, bus, or train. When riding a bike, visitors should traverse the federal road B2. For those who plan to get to the park from Berlin, the S-Bahn is available every 10 minutes. Head in the direction of Berlin-Buch, ride the bus line 249, and alight at the Schwanebeck Dorf stop. Visitors driving their own cars just need to travel on the A10 or A11, head to Dreieck Barnim, and, lastly, use the exit for Schwanebeck.



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