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Families in Singapore: 8 Key Facts that Makes Singapore One Of The Best Places To Raise A Family

Families in Singapore—Singapore is unquestionably designed for families, with top-notch healthcare, a secure environment, and world-class educational institutions.

Families in Singapore and The Protection Of Youth

According to the 2019 End of Childhood Index, Singapore is the top-ranked country “where children are least threatened.” The report, which was published by the UK charity Save the Children, analyzed data from 176 countries to determine which countries have the most and least children missing out on childhood. Singapore came out on top, defeating eight other Western European countries, including Sweden, Finland, and Germany, to claim the top spot. Children who are out of school, victims of serious violence, or involved in labour, as well as the under-five death rate, received extremely poor marks.

The Vibrant Family Life In Singapore

In the massive expat network InterNations’ Expat Insider 2019 Family Life Index, the city state ranked first in Asia for family life. Singapore was likewise ranked in the top 10 countries in the world. In subcategories like school quality (second place) and family well-being, the rankings were notably high (fourth place).

The contentment with children’s health, safety, friendly attitudes toward families, and available leisure activities for youngsters are all factors in determining family well-being. According to the survey, 86% of expat parents are content with their family life in general, compared to a global average of 79 percent. Despite the fact that the poll was conducted for expat families, it demonstrates how Singapore is a dynamic, family-friendly destination that draws visitors from all over the world.

Safety And Security For Families in Singapore

Most parents would agree that providing a secure environment for their children is critical. Singapore, thankfully, has a strong sense of security. The Economist’s 2019 Safe Cities Index ranked the country as the second safest city in the world. The Economist Intelligence Unit’s index ranks 60 countries across five continents based on metrics in four categories: digital, infrastructure, health, and personal safety. Singapore succeeded in both infrastructure and personal security, taking first place in all categories.

The extent of police activity, the risk of political instability, and the effectiveness of the criminal justice system are all indicators of personal security. Factors such as transportation safety enforcement and disaster management plans influenced infrastructure security.

Health At Its Peak In Singapore

Access to decent healthcare is another crucial component for a happy family life. According to the Bloomberg Healthcare Efficiency Index 2018, Singapore is the world’s second most efficient healthcare system. The index was established to rank over 200 countries with average lifespans of more than 70 years and GDP per capita of more than $5,000 US dollars. Our country’s efficiency score was an astounding 85.6 percent, just missing out on first place to Hong Kong (which scored 87.3 per cent). At 82.7 percent, life expectancy was also the second highest, a credit to the great quality of local healthcare institutions.

The World’s Most Liveable Cities Are In Singapore

Who wouldn’t want to establish a family in a city that has been labelled “the most liveable city in Asia”? That’s exactly what Mercer’s Annual Quality of Living Survey 2019 gave Singapore. The survey ranked countries based on 39 categories, including the political and social climate, consumer goods availability, housing, public services and transportation, education, recreation, healthcare, and the natural environment (for example, record of natural disasters). Mario Ferraro, the Asia-Pacific leader of Mercer’s global mobility division, was equally upbeat about Singapore. “It has consistently improved the level of living of its citizens through increased connectedness and resource sustainability,” he said.

Academic Prosper In Singapore

It’s reasonable to assume that Singapore is a natural choice for offering a decent education to young people. In the 2020 QS World University Rankings, our tertiary institutions, National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technology University, tied for first place in Asia. The prestigious ranking system assesses universities based on academic peer evaluation, teaching commitment, and employer reputation, among other considerations.

In 2018, Singapore came in second place in the OECD’s acclaimed Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), which assesses the abilities of 15-year-olds in fundamental areas such as reading, maths, and science. Additionally, attempts to strengthen the talents of our kids are being stepped up. Beginning in 2020, all upper primary students will take coding enrichment programmes to improve their skills and prepare them to flourish in a digital world.

A Bright Future for Families Singapore

Young graduates in this city can also expect strong job opportunities once they enter the workforce. Singapore was named among the top ten most competitive places for developing, attracting, and maintaining talent in the IMD World Talent Ranking 2019. The report considers investment and development of domestic talent, which is influenced by public education spending, pupil-teacher ratios in primary and secondary schools, and apprenticeship implementation. Singapore’s high rating implies that marketable abilities are instilled in children as early as elementary school.

The Path To Happiness In Singapore

According to the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network’s 2019 World Happiness Report, Singapore is the happiest country in Asia and the 34th happiest in the world. GDP per capita, social assistance, healthy life expectancy, feeling of freedom, charity, and lack of corruption were all characteristics considered in the report. Singapore got first place among all countries in the categories of healthy life expectancy and lack of corruption.



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