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Best Countries in 5 Regions with Digital Nomad Visas

International freelancing visas for digital nomads and remote professionals, or simply digital nomad visas, are now available! Here are five best countries selected from five regions offering digital nomad visas.

Large numbers of self-proclaimed digital nomads have fantasized of touring the world while working online from their laptops.

Working from a foreign country while on a tourist visa, on the other hand, is theoretically illegal in most areas.

Tourist visas often expire after 30-90 days, and renewing them is not always straightforward. What if you wish to remain a little longer?

That doesn’t ban digital nomads from working remotely while traveling, but it complicates things, and with COVID-19 travel restrictions, it’s much more difficult to work and travel overseas.

Most nations’ visa policies are not designed to deal with this new class of digital nomads who live and work remotely all over the world.

However, this is beginning to change as some governments see the need for so-called “digital nomad visas,” “remote work visas,” or “freelancer visas” to lure foreigners to come work and contribute to their economy.

Many of these places are hopeful that the remote work permits would produce enough cash to compensate for the loss of tourism revenue caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.


Bali, Indonesia’s picturesque island, has long been a favorite site for remote workers looking for a country in Southeast Asia to stay in and base themselves. While no formal details have been released, Bali has just revealed plans to introduce a fresh new digital nomad visa later this year.

The Bali remote work visa would be valid for up to five years, and visa holders would not be required to pay taxes on any money made outside of Bali.

This is enormously significant! The government will surely provide new information about Bali’s digital nomad visa as soon as it becomes available. Many nomadic types would love to take advantage of such a visa and legally work from Bali.

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Costa Rica

Many digital nomads base themselves in Costa Rica because of the peaceful lifestyle, amazing surfing, beautiful beaches, and diversified terrain of volcanoes, waterfalls, and jungle. It is one of the best countries in Central America for digital nomads.

Costa Rica provides a freelancer visa known as the Rentista, which allows foreigners to stay for up to two years with the option of extending it. Because you can’t work for another firm on Rentista, it’s often utilized by retirees on a fixed income and certain entrepreneurs.

However, in August 2021, the Costa Rican government issued a one-year Digital Nomad Visa that may be renewed for another year. Visa holders, among other things, will be exempt from local income taxes, will be allowed to open bank accounts, and will be able to drive in Costa Rica using their home country’s license.


Show an average income of $3000 USD each month.

Get travel medical insurance that covers them in Costa Rica.

Application Requirements

The application process for Costa Rica’s new Digital Nomad Visa is still in the works. Applying for the Rentista Visa may be done through Costa Rica’s Migracion Website, although it is suggested that you use an immigration lawyer.

All of your paperwork must be translated and certified in your native nation.

Pay the visa cost (which is still unknown for the Digital Nomad Visa, and $250 USD for the Rentista Visa).

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Costa Rica

Dubai (UAE)

In October, the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates introduced their own one-year virtual working program, allowing digital nomads and remote employees to live and work by the beach in their famed desert oasis mega-city. This is the best country for digital nomads dreaming of working in the Middle East.

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) gave Dubai a ‘Safe Travels’ stamp in recognition of their efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The new remote work visa allows you to visit Dubai, bring your family, and work remotely while remaining employed in your home country. Individuals are not subject to income tax in Dubai. You also have access to all necessary services, such as telecommunications, utilities, and educational possibilities.


Proof of employment from a current employer with a one-year contract, or proof of firm ownership

A monthly salary of at least $5,000 USD, a payslip from the previous month, and bank statements from the three preceding months are required.

Health insurance provides coverage that is valid in the UAE.

Application Requirements

Fill out the application request form here.

You must pay a visa cost of $287 USD.

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Mexico is a popular destination for digital nomads, partially due to their extended 6-month tourist visa, but they also provide a one-year Temporary Resident Visa with the option to renew for another three years. Currently, it is the best option for digital nomads and remote workers planning to work and live in a country in North America.

You must produce evidence demonstrating a monthly income of at least $1,620 USD or a bank account balance of $27,000 in the last six months. Mexico is willing to provide temporary residence to financially self-sufficient remote employees.


You are the owner of a location independent business (and/or)

You work for a corporation situated outside of Mexico and operate remotely

You have a monthly income of at least $1,620 USD or a bank balance of at least $27,000 USD

Application Requirements

Gather the necessary papers and fill out the application form

Make an appointment with the Mexican consulate in your area

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Seychelles is an island nation in the western Indian Ocean that consists of around 115 islands with lush tropical flora, stunning beaches, and a diverse marine life. It is the best country for digital nomads and remote workers looking for an island in Africa to work while living a vacation lifestyle.

The Seychelles Workcation Retreat program allows digital nomads to work remotely from any of the archipelago’s 115 islands for as little as one month or as long as one year.

There is a €45 application fee, and potential travelers must also show a valid passport, evidence of employment/business ownership, proof of income (precise amount undetermined), and a valid medical and travel insurance policy.

Family members may accompany an application as ordinary guests if they satisfy all conditions and produce birth and/or marriage certificates, as applicable.


You must be self-employed (and/or)

You are running your own business (and/or)

You are a freelancer, or just an employee of a firm

Application Requirements

Completed online application form

A valid passport valid for at least 6 months prior to the date of visa application.

A letter of employment or confirmation of business ownership specifying the nature of the work

Proof of income or adequate funds to cover the duration of the stay (bank statements).

Proof of current medical and travel insurance plans

A provisional onward ticket from the airline for the length of the visit or flying itinerary

A Provisional proof of confirmed accomodation in Seychelles 

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