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Japan Covid Update: Inflexible Border Control Locks Out Foreigners in New 2022 Covid Restrictions

Japan Covid Update—Osaka, Kyoto, and 16 other prefectures are expected to be included in the COVID-19 quasi-state of emergency, aiming to halt the omicron wave’s rapid spread. A final decision by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is likely later in the day. This move, which goes into effect on Thursday and lasts through Feb. 20, is meant to relieve the load on the healthcare system and avoid a staffing shortfall. Alcohol service can be stopped or limited at restaurants and bars upon governors’ request.

The number of confirmed daily coronavirus infections in Japan has surpassed 50,000, the second-largest on record, following Saturday’s 54,500. There were 9,468, down from Saturday’s all-time high of moreover than 11,000, but still the most significant number of Sunday infections in Tokyo ever in recent Japan Covid Update. Masakazu Tokura, the director of Japan’s business group, believes it is “unrealistic” for the government to prevent foreigners from entering the nation because of the new omicron coronavirus type. After 18 prefectures requested to be included in a quasi-state of emergency, government officials said Japan would likely expand the measure to more than 30 prefectures, according to Tokura, chairman of the Japan Business Federation.

Japan Covid Update: Locked Out

It has been more than one year since Yanita Antoko arrived in Japan to be reunited with her husband. She has all of her paperwork and has shut down her spice-selling business, but she can still leave her house. Coronavirus restrictions in Japan bar practically all new arrivals, making the 30-year-old one of more than 370,000 people stranded in limbo in recent Japan Covid Update .

Other virus-restricted countries are reopening, like Australia. At the same time, Japan continues to limit the entry of tourists, business travelers, new foreign workers and students, and the dependents of these individuals.

Antonio, whose Indonesian husband works as an engineer in central Japan, said, “It’s troubling me.”

“When you get married, it’s natural to desire to start a family. That’s the primary reason we’d like to move in together.”

Exactly when that is achievable is unclear.

At the very least, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has decided to keep the current policies until the end of February.

A 28-year old Nepalese man is in an unbearable situation due to this.

Japanese corporation has offered him a position in their international marketing division after graduating with a business degree from Japan and is fluent in the language. However, he could not leave Nepal till 2020, when he was granted permission to do so.

“If I withdraw my ambitions to work in Japan, then my six years of education there will have been for nothing,” Santosh, who asked to be identified without his surname, told AFP.

In other words, “I wait and wait.”

Students like Leeloo Bos, a French exchange student, have a similar time sustaining their aspirations. Due to the time difference, the 21-year-fiance old’s lives in Japan, and she must take her Japanese classes at night.

By the time she gets home at 4:00 a.m. every night to study, it’s “a nightmare,” she told AFP.

While she still wishes to promote Japanese bands, she stated she felt “empty, as though half my soul had been taken” while she was apart from her Japanese fiance.

Academics and business executives have warned that Japan loses out because of its inflexible border policies in recent Japan Covid Update.

According to Michael Mroczek, head of the European Business Council in Japan, companies are losing their ability to bring in foreign personnel because they are unable to do so.

The limits “look to some extent unreasonable,” he told AFP, given the fact that diseases have already spread throughout Japan.

“It’s almost xenophobic,” says one observer.

Despite never implementing a complete lockdown or following a “zero-Covid” policy like China, Japan has only registered 18,500 deaths during the outbreak in recent Japan Covid Update.

A foreign ministry official defended the “stringent (border) procedures” as helping explain the “substantial discrepancy between Japan and other nations” in the number of infections with the virus’s Omicron form.

A strong business lobby in Japan has expressed its displeasure, likening Japan’s self-imposed isolation from the 17th through 19th century to the current set of laws.

Masakazu Tokura, encouraging Kishida to rethink the measures, claimed they were “out of touch with reality.”

As part of an open letter sent to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe last week, researchers participating in Japan-US exchanges also warned that the prohibition on admission “undercuts Japan’s diplomatic objectives and prestige.”

Davide Rossi, an Italian entrepreneur living in Japan, campaigns for the approximately 150,000 students government numbers reveal are stuck outside the nation in recent Japan Covid Update.

There has been no timeline or plan for two years, “which is the bare minimum the government should provide them,” said him to AFP.

He described frustration as those shut out watched tens of thousands of foreign athletes, officials and journalists entered Japan for the Olympics last year.

According to Rossi, students are “100 percent willing” to submit to testing and quarantine, just as newcomers and long-term residents.

Only 87 students sponsored by the government have been granted entry due to humanitarian reasons.

More and more students are turning their attention to other countries, such as South Korea in recent Japan Covid update.

In her first year, Hana, an Iranian Ph.D. student in veterinary science, is enrolled in a Japanese institution but cannot perform her required laboratory research because she is studying remotely.

She has set a strict deadline to make it to Japan by April.

After that, the 29-year-old stated, “I’ll look at other countries, maybe Canada or the US. The majority of us will give up on Japan if we cannot enter.”



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