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5 Excellent International Schools in Brussels

Expats in Belgium do not need to worry about where to send their children to school. There are many international schools in Brussels that can provide their children with a high-quality education so that they can become their best selves.

Belgium has one of the best education systems among all countries in the world. As stipulated in the law, children from 6 years old until 18 years old are required to go to school. This shouldn’t be a problem, though. Education is easy to access because there are many state-owned institutions that offer schooling for free. 

Choosing a school may be a daunting task for any parent. The location, medium of instruction, and curriculum, among many other factors, may influence one’s decision. But, as with most parents, they want an institution that will best suit their children. Being in a good learning environment will allow children to explore their interests, build their skills, and develop lifelong friendships without any hindrance. 

With the free education provided by the government, international schools in Brussels prove to be a pricey choice. However, the high price is justified by what it can provide students and, as a result, who those children can become.

Children in BEPS, one of the international schools in Brussels

International schools in Brussels do not just focus on academic excellence. Rather, they pay attention to social, emotional, and physical development as well. 

An inquiry-based approach is also used by most international schools in Brussels. This challenges students so that they can develop their curiosity, have a better understanding of topics, and reinforce what they have learned. 

The overall curriculum across different international schools in Brussels was crafted with creativity and backed up by science. These are often accredited by the International Baccalaureate, ensuring that they meet certain global standards.   

A List of International Schools in Brussels

1. BEPS International School

The BEPS way of learning is based on thinking, application in the real world, and an interdisciplinary approach. It is also project-based. Each child is treated as an individual so that they can reach their true potential. 

They offer the International Early Years Curriculum, the International Primary Curriculum, and the Middle Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate. 

Creative and critical thinking skills are developed in the school so that students can use the concepts that they have learned and apply them across different disciplines. The school also gives value to self-management and the development of healthy habits so that students can take care of their well-being. 

Learning in BEPS International School is not just limited to the classroom. It goes beyond that and takes students around the city and to different institutions. 

With the school’s industry connections, whatever students learn in the classrooms can be applied in an authentic context. By having this career-based learning, students can understand the potential pathways in life that they may pursue. This already opens them up to many opportunities at such a young age. 

There are also different projects that students partake in so that they can develop their research skills and academic integrity. These are interdisciplinary so that learning is enriched. 

Learning is personalized, teachers are inspiring, the community is family-oriented, the school provides extraordinary care, and the campus is beautiful. 

Apart from that, the school also offers financial aid to students. A lack of financial resources shouldn’t hinder your child from studying at this great institution.

Each day is a new adventure at BEPS International School. By learning, listening, and living, students can shape their futures with the guidance of their teachers, classmates, and administrators of the school.

Location: 23 Avenue Franklin Roosevelt, 1050 Brussels

School Tuition Fees: 16,370 – 27, 950 euros per year

2. Bogaerts International School (B.I.S.)

B.I.S. was the first IB Continuum World School in Brussels. Its medium of instruction is English. 

Integrity, equity, lifelong learning, and a positive mindset are promoted at the school. Students have ownership of their own learning but remain supported by their highly-qualified, passionate, and kind teachers. Together, they work hand-in-hand to develop academic and personal skills and competencies.

B.I.S. envisions students contributing to the betterment of the global community with the use of the knowledge, skills, and principles that they have gained in school. 

The curriculum in B.I.S focuses on the individual learner. It aims to make use of relevant and forward-thinking learning experiences so that personal and academic growth can be nurtured. In addition, class sizes are kept small in order to build an individualized learning experience. 

Not only that, the school also puts family first. They work hard to create healthy relationships among staff, students, parents, and members of the community. With the diverse backgrounds in the learning community at B.I.S., utmost importance is given to the values of respect, integrity, collaboration, family, and innovation. Doing so establishes an environment of inclusivity and cultural understanding.

B.I.S also offers after-school day care and workshops so that children can pursue their interests outside of regular school hours. 

Location: Rue Engeland 555, 1180 Uccle, Belgium

School Tuition Fees: 9550 – 19600 euros per year 

3. The British School of Brussels

The British School of Brussels aims to form young adults who are ready to rise to the challenges that the modern world brings. 

Students at the school are taught to become confident, curious, and resilient learners. Apart from that, they are formed to become socially responsible so that they can contribute to solving issues prevalent not just in the community, but also across the world. 

The learning community that they have established is welcoming, caring, and collaborative. There is no room for disrespect, and everyone works together so that each student can achieve their academic and personal potential.

Students are encouraged to have an on-going desire to broaden their minds and horizons. There are also different facilities and exciting activities so that each student can become well-rounded.

The curriculum in the school is British-based but is adapted to the European context. They offer courses in three languages: French, English, and Dutch. 

Location: Pater Dupierreuxlaan 1, 2080 Tervuren

School Tuition Fees: 16,425 – 37, 235 per year

4. International School of Brussels (ISB)

The ISB is committed to developing learners who are independent. More than that, they prepare their students to become global citizens who value diversity and contribute productively to the world. These are done in a learning environment that promotes inclusion, challenge, and success. 

Values of integrity, internationalism, inclusion, and innovation are held in high regard.

In terms of academics, the curricular framework in ISB puts value on three types of learning, namely, conceptual, competency, and character learning. Given this, both teaching and learning are based on principles that have been well-researched and created to be interrelated. These principles can be captured by the words: engage, connect, empower, and innovate. They focus on personal relevance, choice, autonomy, and creation so that the learning of students can be maximized. 

Students are also involved in a constant cycle of inquiry, critical thinking, feedback, and reflection. 

Connections, communication, and collaboration among different individuals with various perspectives are promoted to enhance learning. With this, students apply their theoretical knowledge in authentic contexts. They work together to come up with creative solutions to actual problems in society.

In the face of an ever-changing landscape, high levels of information fluency, media literacy, and technology integration are required to cope with these changes. Students in ISB are not left behind as the school ensures that they develop these competencies. 

The ISB also offers intensive learning support to students who may need it, so parents do not have to look elsewhere to help their children.

Location: Kattenberg 19, B-1170 

School Tuition Fees: 18,825 – 40, 625 euros 

5. Montgomery International School Brussels

Montgomery International School Brussels “is a close-knit multicultural community that promotes academic and personal growth of students in a warm setting in the heart of the European capital.” 

It is an accredited IB school that offers different programs, such as IB primary years, IB middle years, and an IB diploma. They conduct their classes in either English or English and French. An inquiry-based pedagogy is also used in the school.  

They are dedicated to forming students who are responsible, respectful, and life-long learners. 

Around 12 students are assigned to one class, enabling the staff to really focus on each student and ensure that they are learning to the best of their ability. 

Their staff is also well-equipped with the knowledge and experience needed, so parents are assured that the teachers whom their children interact with for so many hours will give them the proper guidance. 

There are science laboratories and sports centers, which offer modern technologies that the students can easily access.

The school also has a library with a comprehensive offering of books in different languages. It has been fully renovated so that students can quench their thirst for knowledge in a comfortable environment. 

The program in the school not just focuses on academic excellence, but also personal development. Because of this, activities, performances, and school trips are done throughout the school year, not just within Belgium but also to other countries. 

Location: 133 Rue du Duc, 1200 Bruxelles 

School Fees: 19,643 – 25,412 euros per year



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